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Settlement Services

The Catholic Centre for Immigrants (CCI) offers a number of free services to help newcomers to Ottawa adapt and integrate into their new environment.

CCI’s Settlement Program includes the following services:

Information and Orientation

CCI offers practical guidance and advice to help newcomers adjust to their new life in Canada. This includes guidance on topics such as essential transportation, housing, education, language classes, employment, health, shopping and budgeting, nutrition and legal services.


CCI links newcomers with community resources and services such as housing, education, health, cultural, educational, recreational, legal and others.

Interpretation and Translation

CCI provides oral interpretation or written translation related to essential or immediate settlement needs for newcomers with a limited capacity to speak English or French. CCI’s counsellors speak more than 30 languages.

Supportive Counselling

CCI offers crisis intervention and short-term supportive counselling for newcomers who experience problems adjusting to life in Canada.

Other Settlement Services Offered Include:

  • case advocacy with service providers
  • assistance with applications/documentation
  • employment services
  • income tax clinics
  • housing
  • immigration issues and
  • peer group support

Additional Programs:

  • women, youth, and seniors programs
  • community facilitator services
  • Housing Support program

Community Outreach Activities:

  • partnership programs with community organizations
  • workshops for newcomers in different communities and service agencies
  • workshops for members of the public interested in newcomer issues and
  • community consultations.

For more information or to make an appointment please contact:
Catholic Centre for Immigrants Ottawa at (613) 232-9634 or by e-mail at